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When seconds count, be prepared with a PHR ID Card from PHR Solutions!

In the event of a life threatening  emergency, a PHR ID Card when scanned by a trained EMT, police or Fire rescue personnel will tell the first responder critical information about your health.  This information will ensure you are treated CORRECTLY, FASTER and if necessary brought to the hospital or doctor of your choice.

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The Patented PHR ID Card holds critical care information so that in the event there is an emergency, the EMTs, ER personnel, Police or First responders, can scan the card and know who to call and what to do. This card could hold your main physician's name and phone number, the local hospital of your choice and their phone number, medications, critical allergies and diagnosis, as well as if you had a pacemaker and who to contact in the case of an emergency.



Personal Health Record Creation Service:

How would you like all your medical records from all your healthcare providers (hospitals, doctors, dentists, labs and pharmacies) in one Personal Health Record (PHR), located at your fingertips, easily accessible to you? We are a service that will provide you a way to have all your medical records, in one location, accessible through the web, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year...You own your records, take control of them!

No longer will you need to carry around your medication list or wonder when your immunizations are due. It's all available to you in one location and you control who has access to them. Your PHR Solution will ease and enhance the communication between you and your doctors!

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