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Personal Health Records Solutions was created to fill the needs of medical patients in our ever advancing computerized world. Your entire, vital medical history can now be safely stored in a digital file. From allergies to insurance, hospitals to prescriptions, whenever your medical history is needed, it is easily accessible. In an emergency, where every second counts, your doctors can instantly access all the medical data they need to treat you. All current, past and future medical records can be located and stored in one location, one vessel. We use only HIPAA compliant, secure and ARRA compliant PHRs that work with almost all EMR's and EHR technology. You own your medical records. Why not have access to them at your fingertips? We create a secure, user-friendly portal that is open to you, the owner, 24/7/365.

Company Vision:

As a strategic partner within the Health industry and adhering to U.S. regulatory compliance standardization, our goal is to connect you to your own secure, on-line, accessible PHR for your current and past medical records. Your Personal Health Record (PHR) belongs to you and you decide what goes into your PHR (such as medications, allergies, lab results, hospital records etc) as well as who can access it. Carrying around a medication list or having health records on a CD will become a thing of the past.

Our mission is to provide you a patient-interaction PHR portal that allows communication between you and your doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and your history of health records.

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